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Frequently Asked Questions


Our platform is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you just have to enter our page and check what dates and times we have available for the yacht you decide to choose.
It depends on the specifications of the yacht, and what the operation companies or yacht owners will offer, that will be shone on the yacht profile.
It depends on the cancellation policy that the operation companies or the yacht owners have. You can find this information during the booking process in the section ‘accept terms and conditions’.
It depends on the operation companies have. Usually the minimum you can rent a yacht is for two hours and they don't have a limit of maximum hours and some offers the minimum of one hour.
Nuaris provides a safe and secure payment gateway that you can use your bank card safely.
Yes, the operation companies have the activities and the facilities to organize everything. After confirming your booking you can go to your profile and find the trip contact person who will provide all the services you need.
This depends on the specifications of the yacht. At the time you are choosing the yacht you want to rent, you will be able to identify if that yacht has that kind of activities.
Depends on the operation companies and owners, usually they ask for names, sometimes they will need a copy of your Emirates ID, if you don't have it you can give them a copy of your passport.
Depends on the operation companies, they will send to you all the information after the rent process.
We will send a message to the captain of the boat and he will be waiting for you at the entrance gate to board.

Host (Yacht owners & operators)

Nuaris is a platform which provides several automated services to Yacht Operation Companies as well as their agents and connects all stakeholders to the main supplier (the Yacht Operator Company) so the (tourism companies, hotels & concierge services companies etc…) can benefit from booking directly for the clients.
Nuaris provides an automated system to manage your yacht with several Tools in which you can save time, money and organize your schedule with the following services: 1- An automated platform 2- A booking system 3- A addons system for your clients 4- A marketing link for your agents to market your yachts and activities 5- Wider range of clients reach Please contact us for more information click here
No Need to pay anything, we are a growth partner, we just have a tech fee and we get it from the transactions.
At the time you register at Nuaris platform you will have the option to fill your bank account number and details so we can transfer your earnings on a frequent payment in Maximum 15 days and we try our best to make it earlier.
Nuaris platform will automate the process of booking in a way that you can receive advance booking from all over the world on the other hand you will be able to set your refund & cancellation policies. Nuaris is facilitating and bringing together all processes that are carried out separately into one place, which will save time and effort for all parties in this process.

Brokers (coming soon)

First of all, you will have access to a wide catalog of yachts, if you work with any operations company, you will not only be able to work with these yachts, you will have the opportunity to present more options to your clients. You will have the opportunity to fill your prices on the platform and send payment links to your clients. And finally, if you want to offer more services such as water activities, DJ’s, etc, you can do it directly through your dashboard.
You will be able to work based on the B2B price established by the operation companies, you will have a minimum percentage with which you can adjust the B2C price.
No, you should always make reservations through the booking system, to take into account which yachts are already reserved and which ones are not and avoid duplicate booking on the yacht.
You can choose to receive the payment in cash or by bank transfer, and bank transfer payments will take a maximum of 15 days.